3 Simple Reasons to Choose Quick Shot Transport

for your hot tub move

Preferred Choice

We are the one of the preferred choices for hot tub movers by many hot tub retailers in the Vancouver area.


We are experts in moving and placing hot tubs, whether it's over uneven ground, up on a deck or down in a hole.


We guarantee a satisfied move ensuring that your hot tub is placed with precision and without damage.

Schedule Your Delivery

Give us a call, send a text or shoot us an email to get in touch with us.
Or use our online delivery request form to set up a delivery request with all of the required information.

Types of Hot Tub Moves

Factory/Store to Home

When you purchase a new hot tub from a retail store or custom-order a new tub, we deliver your tub directly from the factory or store to your home.

Home to Home

When you move homes and want to take your hot tub with you or if you sell your used tub, we do home to home moves.

Home to Garbage Dump

When your hot tub has served its purpose and no longer works, we dismantle and dispose of your hot tub at a designated waste facility.

Crane-Assisted Placements

When there's a large swim spa to be delivered or there's not enough clearance for a ground delivery, we outsource crane services to lift hot tubs over buildings.

Our Delivery Pricing


2 Man Crew
$ 400
00 + GST
  • This involves standard-sized hot tubs with plenty of room for access to placement area.


3-Man Crew, Crane-Assisted
$ 1200
00 + GST
  • This involves heavier hot tubs with restricted access or complex placements.

Outdoor Spaces

We also construct decks, concrete pads and gazebos for your hot tub.


Custom designed and structurally sound

Concrete Pads

A solid and level surface and beautiful looking

Gazebo Installations

a social space where you can avoid nature's elements

Like our outdoor spaces?

Get in touch with us for a quote


Quick Shot Transport Ltd. was established in 2019 with a vision to be the premier hot tub moving company in the greater Vancouver area. With our staff having years of experience moving hot tubs and developing specialized equipment for the hot tub moving industry, you can put your trust in us for your hot tub move.

Quick Shot provides its hot tub moving and outdoor spaces build services to customers primarily in the greater Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada but we also service our customers on Vancouver Island, in Whistler and the Okanagan regions. 

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